Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Take That, Chicken!

Big News!

Remember how I talked about my irrational fear of handling raw chicken in a previous post?  Well, I conquered it.  I finally thawed out the chicken that had been sitting in my freezer since June and cooked it.

You may say, "What's the big deal?"  I say, "I'm now Queen of everything. That's what."  Needless to say, my spirits are pretty high.

What spurred me enough to  touch raw chicken and risk causing a salmonella epidemic? The boyfriend.  He started a new job and I really wanted to cook an extra special meal to celebrate. So, I scratched my usual pasta entrees and searched Jamie Oliver's website for an easy recipe.

I came across his roasted chicken breast with cherry tomatoes and asparagus and had to try it.  It is now one of my favorite recipes!  It is so easy, but looks very difficult and fancy.  I think it's the sprigs of rosemary give it that special touch.

You know, raw chicken really isn't that gross.

Success! At least, nobody has died yet.

Though, while eating, I was fearful the chicken wasn't cooked enough and I examined each bite for any inkling of pink, I'd say my phobia of raw chicken is behind me.  I'm exited to try more recipes starring chicken!

Later, for desert, I prepared something that everyone must try, S'mores Cake in a Jar.  It was so good it left the boyfriend speechless.  One jar, however, is definitely enough for two; this dessert is very rich.  I found this amazing recipe on how Sweet it is and plan to use it often.

Oh so good.

Though I probably could've crammed more marshmallows on top, I was very happy with the way they turned out!  Believe me, you want to try this!

What are some new, fun recipes you've stumbled upon recently?

Love, Alli

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