Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Alli Alphabet

As Mollie and I are fairly new on the blogging scene, not much is known about us.  So, I figured we'd give you a glimpse into who we are with this super fun, middleschool xanga reminiscent, blogger alphabet.  We found it on our friend Abby's blog,  Little Stories, which you should probably check out.

Ambition: I wish to make Alinea Freelance LLC a success! So far, I am very proud of Mollie and I and the hard work we've done so far.  I hope to work harder with her in the future!  It's very exciting.

Bad Habit:  I've locked myself out of my house so many times I think it's acceptable to call it a bad habit.  I really don't know how it happens so often.

City: Raleigh! I never thought I'd say it, but I love city life here.  I have a wonderful church community, plenty of delicious restaurants and coffee shops to choose from, and various outlets that support the wonderful visual arts I love.  However, if I want to escape the tall buildings, beautiful, rolling fields are just a fifteen minute drive away.


Drink: I've been on an iced vanilla latte kick with the weather so hot lately, but sweet tea will always have my heart and my loyalty.

Education: B.A. in English, magna cum laude, with minors in Journalism and Creative Writing from North Carolina State University

Food: Cinnamon buns take home the gold medal.  I am a sucker for any type of down home, country cooking, though.

Guilty Pleasures: I, like anyone, have several: looking at wedding blogs even though I'm not engaged, watching "old" Disney movies, swooning over dead actors like Jimmy Stewart, and eating my daily dose of oreos dipped in peanut butter.

Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina

Ice Cream: Birthday Cake Remix from Cold Stone, mhhmm. But, for the cheaper option, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough all the way.


Jonesing for: For many months now, I've wanted a hammock. How great would it be to just pitch it between two trees for an afternoon and have a lazy day. That's what I'm talking about!

Movie: This is a tough one.  Whenever I'm pressed, I usually end up claiming To Catch A Thief, though. But, if it's directed by Alfred Hitchcock or has Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, or Grace Kelly in it, I'll probably like it.

Nicknames: Since the first time I met my friend Win, he's always called me Big Al.  The reason why was never clear, but it did inspire a humorous Twitter name.

Obsession: Though slightly embarrassing at times, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have an obsession with all things related to Disney.  My dream is to be Cinderella.

Perfume: The only perfume I wear is called Le'Instant by Gurlain.  My mom and I like to tell everyone we bought it on our trip to France even though the only "France" we've both been to is the one in Disney World's EPCOT.  It's not a complete lie, right?

Quirk: My thumb is double jointed. It comes in handy because it grosses the boyfriend out.

Regrets: Actually, I have none. Though it sounds cliche and nutty, I've learned many things from my mistakes.

Starbucks: An iced vanilla latte, please.

Talent: I can balance a spoon on my nose better than anyone I've ever met. I plan to make a living off of it, somehow.

University: North Carolina State University, Home of the Wolfpack!


Vacation: My dream vacation would be to spend several weeks touring Italy.  My most memorable vacation was when my mom, dad, older brother, and I traveled to southern California the summer after I graduated high school.  The four of us had been through a tough two years and it was nice to get away with the family.  It is a time I will never forget!

Wine: Sparkling!

X:  If there was one thing I could x out of my life it would be fear.  This silly emotion keeps me from trying so many things! Granted, I don't want to turn into a reckless hoodlum, but I would like to trust more in God and less in my own abilities.

Years: I am 22 years of age.

Zen: I feel most at peace sitting on the beach and reading a good book as the cool ocean breeze blows through my hair.

This is just my alphabet.  Keep an eye out for Mollie's!

Love, Alli

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