Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eating Cinnamon Buns and Making Plans

Like I said, cinnamon buns are my love language.
This morning I got to chat and eat yummy cinnamon buns with the lovely Mollie who now has a new last name! It was the first time we've gotten to sit down for a while with one another since the wedding. It was wonderful talking to her about married life and all of the fun things she and her new husband did while they were in Blowing Rock, NC for their honeymoon!

We also talked some business and we have big plans for Alinea Freelance LLC.  Starting a new business is scary, but after some prayer and pep talk, we feel like we're ready to hit the ground running.  Look out world, Alinea Freelance LLC is about to do some big things!

Love, Alli

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