Monday, October 10, 2011

Popularity Contest


The beautifully brilliant blog author of Oh, Hello Friend asked the question, "Is blogging like high school all over again?" in one of her recent  posts.  As a new, unknown author on the blog scene I felt that I was actually an authority on this particular subject.  I've been meaning to comment more on posts that inspire me so I can not only put my own voice out there, but to also encourage my fellow bloggers.  I felt this question was the perfect opportunity to express my own opinion! So, here's the gist of what I said:
I don't know if I've found myself thinking of me and my blog as the kid that sits alone at the lunch table, but more of the voice that's yet to be heard.  Yes, I know that sounds incredibly haughty, but I try to be more of a glass half-full kind of gal... Yes, I'm jealous of the bigger bloggers like you (yes, you!) and Joanna Godard and the like, but instead of angrily brushing you off as the snotty, popular crowd, I look up to you! All I want is to be able to get my name out there and reach my audience with the passionate, thought-provoking, fun posts I see here and elsewhere.
 Sometimes I do get down on myself and think I'm the kid that sits alone at the lunch table, but what's the use in that?  It will get me nowhere.  I'm still finding my voice in this very large, highly populated space known as the Internet.  I may not be the big fish right now, but nobody started out with thousands of readers.  I merely need to work my way up and I'll enjoy every second doing it!  I just hope you enjoy my posts half as much as I enjoy writing them.

What are your thoughts on blogging? Is it like high school all over again?

Love, Alli

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