Sunday, August 21, 2011

Honeymoon Food & Love

Wedding: Check

I'm finally writing to you as a married missus! The wedding was perfect for us; I can't believe the months and months of planning are over...and I can't wait to get the pictures back from our photographer so I can relive the moments.The following pictures are a few finished ones on our photographer's blog. We had an amazing time with friends and family at our rehearsal dinner and wedding. My heart is still so full from all of the love, toasts, and celebrating!

Memorable Wedding Moments:

- heavy thunderstorms in the morning, just for good luck
- Josie, the cutest flower girl ever, 
(even if she decided she didn't want to put the "special flowers" on the ground)
- Wedding First Look; seeing my Husband's face
- Crying Groomsmen
- My family taking pictures with me for the first time as a Turbeville
- Prayer with my closest friends
- My Father-in-Law's message 
- the beautiful hymn, "Though I May Speak with Bravest Fire"
- blurs of pink and white bouquets
- walking into our reception as Mr. and Mrs. Turbeville
- my Dad & Daughter dance video
- my Husband's sweet slideshow 
- Ricky Layton's BBQ!
- eating Allison's delicious cakes.. and Win & Patrick's home brewed beer
- My dear friend Liza at the bouquet toss.. and her dance moves!
- 100 red heart balloons in the air
- riding away on a motorcycle and holding my Husband tight

Like I said, I could go on and on about the wedding... and the honeymoon! So, I figured I'd narrow it down for you to one of my favorite parts of the week....

Honeymoon food

Don't worry, I made sure to document most of what we ate, mainly because it was all delicious, and because Aaron and I are slightly in love with food. Some of the pictures were taken on my phone, so sorry if it's not the best quality.

Coquette Brasserie, Raleigh NC

Since our wedding was at 11am, we had some time to relax in the hotel the afternoon and night before we left for Grandfather Mountain. We decided to walk down the block to get a bite to eat at this delectable French restaurant. Aaron and I are in love with the movie Midnight in Paris, so we thought it was especially fitting. Unfortunately, the lighting was too dark to get a picture of our meal, but a description might suffice.

hors d'oeurves

Steak Tartare: Shallot; grain mustard; quail egg; cornichons; crostini
Petite Tarte Flambee: Alsatian pizza; caramelized onions; ham; lardens
Farmer's Market Salad: Arugula Salad; potatoes; peppers; bacon; blue cheese


Black Rose: Citrus vodka; rose essence; muddled blackberry; lime
2008 Chardonnay Dom. de Mortinolles

Flights Restaurant at the Renaissance Hotel, Raleigh NC

We loved the hotel we stayed at the first night as a married couple. We especially loved the food for breakfast included in our honeymoon suite package!

       Aaron and I both started out with two yummy cappuccinos..

     I ordered a Yogurt & Fresh Berry Parfait with granola. 

Along with an incredible Lexington Benedict:
Cane Creek pulled pork BBQ, two poached eggs and toasted english muffin, BBQ Hollandaise sauce Adluh Mills Stone Ground Cheddar Grits & Braised Greens

Aaron ordered the Triangle Cakes: Blueberry Pancakes; Baked Peahes; Pecan; Whipped Butter; hot maple surup; bacon, along with a Peach & Mango Smoothie with local NC honey

Mexican Restaurant, Banner Elk NC

When we got to the mountains, we were itching for some Mexican food.


1 Chicken Enchilada; rice; beans
2 Chimmichangas; rice; beans


Dos Equis

Our Wonderful Honeymoon Cabin (Thanks goes to the Wilsons!)

Cereal; Plain & Chocolate Chip Pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. 


Coffee & Mimosas 

Black Cat Burrito, Boone NC

One of Aaron's favorite spots in Boone, we couldn't stay away from the Black Cat. Taking a trip to Boone was definitely worth it; we did some shopping, coffee shop stopping, reading, and relaxing. 

Aaron ordered the [spicy!!] Ragin' Cajun: shrimp; sausage; chipotle tortilla; red beans; rice; celery, cheese; cajun red pepper; coulis topped with hot salsa

I ordered the Lesson Of the Sage: chipotle tortilla; chicken; roasted potatoes; roasted garlic; broccoli; mushrooms; topped with a parmesan cream sauce and ground sage


Fat Tire

Artisanal, Banner Elk NC

When I say this is the best restaurant I've ever been to, I'm not exaggerating. Aaron's Aunts chipped in to buy us a generous gift card to this place, reassuring us that it is well worth the money. I couldn't believe the food, service, and atmosphere. It was perfect. I highly recommend anyone near Grandfather Mountain to check it out. Just make sure you make reservations far in advance.

The restaurant was in a beautiful renovated barn with a giant horse made out of driftwood in the center. Everything about the space was elegant and peaceful. 

Hors d'oeuvres

Fried Green Tomatoes with Wild Ruby Red Shrimp; Lemon Vidalia Creem; Watauga Country Ham

Artisanal Poached Pear & Rocket Salad: Gorgonzola; White Truffle Vinaigrette 

Cornbread & Cheesy bread


Aaron ordered the Veal Osso Bucco: house-made papparadelle pasta; broccoli; rabe; roasted sweet peppers; fennel

I ordered the Maine Lobster Bolognese: house-made chittara pasta; leeks basil; parmigiano reggiano


For dessert we ordered the South Carolina Peach & Blueberry Cobbler with Vanilla Bean ice cream


Pinot grigio
Blended Red Wine

More honeymoon pictures to come!

Love, Mollie

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