Thursday, July 28, 2011

Only Buy What You LOVE

Lesley Sico

The other day I was rummaging through my closet, trying to find something to wear.  I was having one of those days where I felt like nothing looked good on me; so, I was searching the deep confines of my closet that usually don't see the sun in order to find something suitable.

While on this deep-sea dive through my wardrobe, I was shocked to see how many items still had tags on them.  There were things that have never been worn sitting in my closet!  Unfortunately my reaction to these long-lost finds wasn't one of elation, but one of "Gross. What was I thinking?!"

I then became mad at myself, because, thinking about it, I didn't even LOVE those clothes when I brought them home from the store.  While packing up these items to take to my local Goodwill, I decided I needed to create some rules for myself so this waste of money doesn't continue to happen.

1. Only buy what I LOVE - There are some items that make me dance in the dressing rooms while others just make me say, "eh."  Only purchasing the clothes I want to walk out of the store in ensures that they don't sit in the closet.

2. Only go shopping when I NEED something - Though retail therapy can alleviate the bad day blues, it can lead to purchases that would never have been made otherwise.  Though, in the moment, buying faux fur pants seems to be a good way to get back at your jerk boss, it's not.

3. At the very least, clean out my closet twice a year - Why should I let perfectly wearable clothes sit in my closet when there is somebody out there who would love to have them?!  Though selling it to a thrift store is nice, I'd suggest giving it to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Church.  This way, the people who are in the greatest need for quality clothes at a low price have the ability to purchase them.  And, if you need more of an incentive, these nonprofit organizations will document what you donate and help you obtain a tax break.

4. Buy one nicer item as opposed to two cheaper items - Sometimes in the pricier stores and boutiques I find an item I know I would wear everyday, but end up walking away from it because I think it's too expensive.  One afternoon I was telling my mom about this gorgeous dress I left behind in Anthropologie and she asked me, "Would you rather have that one pricier item or buy two less expensive somethings that you don't love as much?"  My mom, like usual, made a valid point. I went to Anthropologie the next day, bought the dress, and haven't regretted it.
Be careful with this tip, though.  Make sure to stick to your budget if you do decide to purchase the more expensive item!

What are some rules you've made for yourself while shopping? Have they helped you spend less money  and/or helped you actually wear the things you buy?

Love, Alli

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