Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conversations With the Boyfriend

Me:  How was work?
Him:  It was good.  I pulled a tick off, no blood.  I don't think he had dug in.  I kept him, though.
Me:  You kept him?!
Him:  It's always a good idea to.  Just in case something happens and they can test it for lyme.
Me:  Right. Where are you keeping him?
Him:  In a perfectly sealed plastic bag on my dresser.
Me:  That's gross, but okay.  Did you name him?
Him:  Hmm, he has one big white spot on his back.  So I think maybe, Octavian.
Me:  That's a good, strong name.
Him:  Thank you!  It's suiting because Octavian sucked the life out of the Roman Republic as the one ruler.

Just a glimpse into what it's like dating a very intelligent, imaginative man.  It's fun.

Love, Alli

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