Friday, July 29, 2011

The Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Toasts

Ann Wilkinson

Mollie and Aaron's wedding is a week away from tomorrow.  Can you believe it?!  It seems like only yesterday she was telling him he had a cute nose and he was trying to muster up the courage to talk to her.

A week from today is the rehearsal dinner which, like most, will involve rehearsal dinner toasts.  A couple of posts ago I mentioned I was nervous about my toast because I wanted to make it extra special.  Mollie and Aaron mean a lot to me and I wish to express to them just how wonderful they are!  I came up with a couple of tips to help guide me as I think about what I'm going to say, and, hopefully, they'll help you too!

Tell stories that will embarrass the bride or groom.
Make the speech about you.
Forget to celebrate the occasion.
Mention just the bride and not the groom, or vice-versa.

Have fun! Your friends are getting married!
Share a story about the couple, or the bride/groom that means a lot to you.
Have an idea of what you want to say before you say it.  (However, there is no need to have it written out.)

Though these "rules" may help you give a toast, the main thing to remember is to be yourself and simply say what you're feeling.  Though my advice is extremely corny and cliche, it works!  Good luck.

Love, Alli

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