Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cupcake Topping Bar

This past weekend another pair of my good friends were married!  Again, to celebrate my friends' new life together, I volunteered to make their cakes.  Instead of making several cakes like I did for Candace and Kyle's , we decided to do a cupcake topping bar!

This idea was inspired by a post I found on Green Wedding Shoes, and I think it was a hit!  All the guests loved being able to put their own toppings on the cupcakes and make it their own.

Like the cupcakes found on Green Wedding Shoes, I only put a circle of icing around the outside.  Initially, I was questioning my decision to copy the design, as the cupcakes looked a little funny with a hole in the middle; however, if you decide to do this yourself I would suggest leaving the middle open.  This way, the guests could put as many toppings on their cupcakes without them running off the sides.  It was a fun, easy way to spice up the traditional wedding cake!

Love, Alli

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