Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspirational Speech

This week has been a little hectic.  One of my very good friends is getting married this Sunday and for her wedding present I volunteered to make the cakes for her reception.  I absolutely love baking, but making ten cakes to share with her closest family and friends is a little scary and overwhelming.  This morning I was lying in bed not wanting to get up because I knew the daunting task of grocery shopping was ahead of me.  There are few things in this world that I dislike more than grocery shopping.

The other day my boyfriend showed me this cute video of a little boy after he successfully rode his bike for the first time; he is so adorable!  Oddly enough, this morning, I couldn't stop thinking about this kid's inspirational speech and just had to share it with you.  I have a feeling this little guy has a big, inspiring future ahead of him.

Good luck with all your intimidating tasks this week!

Love, Alli

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  1. Maybe he'll be as good as Patrick Swayze in Donnie Darko! :)