Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Happy First Day of Summer!

This is Mollie and my first summer that won't end with the ringing of school bells.  In hopes of not wasting the warm weather, we, along with our friends, have created a summer bucket list.

1. Attend an outdoor movie at the NC Art Museum
2. Create slip covers for my horrible, faded, burgundy couches
3. Have a picnic
4. Make a slip-n-slide and have a party
5. Catch fireflies in a mason jar
6. Take a day trip to the beach
7. Play in Duke Gardens for an afternoon
8. Start a girl's book club
9. Have a fancy schmancy dinner party
10. Go Shag dancing

Though we may not accomplish everything on the list, I know we'll have fun trying! What are your plans for the summer, friends?

Love, Alli

image by: honeytree

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