Monday, March 5, 2012

Keep the Sparks Flying

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In this post by Joanna Goddard, she shares one secret of how she and her husband help keep the sparks flying in their marriage; on date nights, they meet at the restaurant instead of going there together!

She says, that instead of getting ready at the same and sliding into the tendency of talking about married people things, like were the bills paid and what time the sitter arrives, anticipation is built. She wonders what her husband is wearing. She worries that her makeup looks okay, and wants to look extra beautiful for her man. She says she always has butterflies opening the restaurant door!

Since Cameron and I aren't married yet, I found this to be so interesting! I know that things are going to be different, but we have no idea just how different. How do you and your guy or gal keep the sparks flying? Do you have any tips similar to Joanna's? I would love to know!!

Love, Alli

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