Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's the Small Things


A list of tiny engagement happinesses:

  • I can read wedding magazines and blogs without feeling slightly silly
  • I can eat ungodly amounts of cake with the excuse that I'm tasting it for the reception
  • I can stare at my glinting engagement ring and only garner one or two odd looks
  • I can use a register gun at my favorite stores and feel like a secret agent roaming through the aisles
  • I can collect images for my wedding board on Pinterest without feeling slightly silly
  • I can finally wear a white dress to a wedding
  • I can randomly dance with my fiance with the excuse that we're practicing for our first song
  • I can contemplate small party things that have big impacts, like color schemes
  • I can finally make myself do those diy projects I've been saving up

What small things did you enjoy or are currently enjoying about being engaged?

Love, Alli

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