Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Renewing Old Passions

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Until about two years ago, I danced just about every day since I was three. I stopped for several reasons. I told myself it was because I no longer had the time, but I really think it was because I was embarrassed. I was ashamed that I had been studying this art form for seventeen years and I really wasn't that good. Besides, what would I do with ballet in the "real world" anyways?

Immediately I missed it. Instead of admitting this, I avoided ballet at all costs. My desire to see the North Carolina Ballet perform dissolved and, around Christmas, whenever a selection from The Nutcracker came on the radio I hurriedly yelled, "CHANGE" to whomever was closest to the knobs. I would also scoff at ballet studios whenever I drove past them with a smug, "psh." I was better than that now, right?

Well, not only have I not danced in two years, I really haven't exercised at all. In January I decided it was time for me to join a gym, and a month and a half later, I finally did. There is a very nice Y close to my home where all my friends go; I figured I could get my sweat on and socialize at the same time with a nice Zumba class or something.

The afternoon I registered, I studied their group class schedule. It boasted of a new ballet class. At first, my trained eyes skipped over "ballet" and I moved on to see what times Yoga and pilates were held. No matter how hard I tried, though, I couldn't stop thinking about the ballet class and how much I really wanted to go.

I tried to convince myself otherwise, but I finally caved. I dug my dirty ballet slippers out from the bottom of my dance bag, pulled on some tights, and went.

It was wonderful! At first I was nervous, but once I stopped over thinking everything, I really enjoyed it. I was nice to feel graceful and beautiful and to wear pink slippers again. Instead of trying to win the approval of my teacher or trying to show off so I could land that big part, like I used to, I just enjoyed. The fluid motions were relaxing and the elegant poses boosted my self confidence.

I can't wait to go again.

What were you once passionate about that you had to give up for one reason or another? Would you ever consider doing it again? What are some of your stories of a successful renewing of an old passion?

Love, Alli

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