Monday, December 12, 2011

My New Family

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When growing up as a little girl, you like to dream about the future. Along with what career you'll choose and your kids' names, your thoughts eventually turn to wondering about who you will marry and what he will be like. Occasionally, however, you do wonder about his family. Will he have any brothers or sisters? What color will his mom's hair be? Will his dad have any hobbies like smoking cigars or playing golf? Will they even like me?

The last question is what concerned me the most. Throughout my life, I've heard horror stories concerning in-laws. Hundreds of movies plots are driven by their despicable acts and I've heard of friends who know friends whose lives were destroyed by these new family members. Connecting with my husband to be's family wasn't something I thought possible.

Cameron's family proved me wrong. I've grown closer with his family and younger sister over these past months, but this past weekend reminded me just how lucky I am.

To make things easier, Cameron and I decided to spend the holidays apart since we'll have to be diving them between our respective families for the rest of our lives. So, this past weekend we visited his family so I could spend "Christmas" with them.

We had a weekend full of mall shopping and coffee drinking and present giving. We also visited McAdenville, or Christmastown USA, and oohed and aahed at all the beautiful, twinkling lights. We got to watch children tackle Santa Clause and families going from house to house singing carols. It was magical.

I'm thankful for my inlaws. It's been great being accepted as one of their own and welcomed to the family. They've made me feel at ease throughout Cameron and I's relationship and have told him numerous times that they think I'm great. What a special gift! I cannot wait to see what the years will add to my relationship with my fiance's family. I'm sure we'll have some unforgettable experiences.

What are some special memories you've made with your in-laws? I'd love to hear.

Love, Alli

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