Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There's Chickens in the Backyard

Katie Lloyd Photo

For a while now, I've dreamed of having chickens in my backyard. Of course, this dream can't come into fruition until I actually own my own home. Who knows when that will actually be, but it's still fun to envision little birds walking and bobbing their heads around my yard.

But, what is it actually like to have chickens in the backyard? Well, Kristina of Lovely Morning wrote a very interesting and informative post on this matter. It looks like there are a lot of cons to having chickens, but Kristina says that the pros definitely outweigh them.

I feel like if the author of Lovely Morning can successfully raise chickens in her small LA backyard, then anybody can be successful in raising chickens. Thanks, Kristina!

Would you ever consider raising chickens? If you already do, what is it like? Has your experience been similar to Kristina's?

Love, Alli

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