Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Prints

I found this on Pinterest and, unfortunately, it won't take me back to the original link.
If you know the source, please share!

Isn't this room beautiful?  I absolutely love vintage-y prints and I have them adorning the walls of my own home.  I think this particular room is especially beautiful because of the understated way the prints are displayed.  They're clipped to the wall, instead of framed, as if this was a botanist or anthropologist's office. It feels like the pieces are on display for practical purposes and they just happen to create a beautiful arrangement.

High Street Vintage

The downside of loving to decorate with vintage prints is that they're either very expensive, or are in poor condition.  However, I happened upon an Etsy shop called High Street Vintage Prints where the prints are very reasonably priced and are of great quality!  I especially love all of the flower and animal prints.  I think I'll start working on my own anthropologist's wall.

Love, Alli

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