Thursday, October 13, 2011

The State Fair


Today begins something I look forward to all year long, the North Carolina State Fair!  From the food, to the rides, to twinkling lights, to the general atmosphere, I can't get enough.

The first time I went to the state fair was when I was a freshman at NC State.  At first, I was amazed, and a little disturbed, at just how many different things could be fried and that people would pay to sit on a ride that is portable.  However, ten minutes later I was snacking on a fried Oreo and anxiously standing in line to ride the zipper.  I was hooked.

I love to look at all the different exhibits and walk through The Village of Yesteryear. I love seeing people still trying to perfect crafts that have almost been forgotten, like basket weaving or rag doll making. The petting zoo is one of my all time favorites, while the rabbit barn comes in at close second.  Who knew there were so many different species of rabbit?

Though I've cherished all of my trips to the fair, this year just happens to be extra special.  Cameron, the fiance, and I have decided to get our engagement pictures taken at the fair. Last year, we had one of our most special dates and the fair and we thought it would be a great spot to capture some of those corny, yet necessary, photos.

I'm very excited!  Our super talented friend, Ross Davidson, is taking them, and I cannot wait to see how they turn out. Plus, the theme for the fair this year is Love-A-Fair.  Cheesy, right? But, I can't help myself from wanting to buy a t-shirt.

What are some of your favorite fair memories?

Love, Alli

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