Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harvey the Dog

This sweet maltese was smaller than our cat, but a fluff ball full of energy.

Yesterday, my family had to say goodbye to our dog, Harvey.  He was ten years old and, like many pets, he was a member of the family.  My dad said we would never have a dog, especially one who lives indoors, but his heart was softened once he saw Harvey's big black eyes and comically-fluffy white hair.  My dad said we could keep him, but on one condition: if we named him Harvey after his favorite Jimmy Stewart movie.  My mom, brother, and I enthusiastically agreed.

My favorite memories of Harvey consist of images of him during Christmas time.  He would always nestle himself under our live Christmas Tree and peacefully watch the toy train go around and around.  I guess emerging from the low hanging branches with pine needles in his hair made him feel like the outdoor dog he always wanted to be.

Have you ever lost a beloved pet? What was your next step? Did you bring a new pup home, or did you simply cherish the memories you had with your tiny friend?

Love, Alli

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