Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Homes Sweet Homes

Hi Friends! I hope you can excuse the sudden decline in posts, Blogger, though we love you dearly, has been rather defiant with our design. BUT, we shall persevere! Speaking of perseverance, check out our new and constantly improving WEBSITE! 

Alinea Freelance, Professional Writing and Editing Services:

We are so excited about this step in our business! I feel like it's been lurking in the shadows for quite some time, but we're slowly stepping out of the beginning stages and getting this puppy named, registered, and some lovin'! So please check it out, and let us know what you think. You can email us at We'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, or any networking connections you may have for us. We need your help! 

So, while we're "moving on," I've finally decided that moving is not my thing. Nope. Too many things, not enough boxes, and unlike my talented hubby-to-be, I am not all about being efficient when I pack.. I kind of just through things in boxes! But, nevertheless, I am here - and so are Scout and Gully - two traumatized little babies. My mom said it well this past week: "cats don't do well with drama." Moving, crazy dogs, kitty puke, no air conditioning, and cockroaches count as drama in the Mohr household. But let me tell you, I've learned a new side of humility, especially with not having AC in this heat and knowing that sadly, several others are without it as well. I can report that I am currently happy in my apartment with fine working AC, and I am loving little moments of relief and rest. 

I thought that moving into my own apartment by myself before I get married would make me a little crazy... but really I've been doing quite well in the lonesome hours. I think it's because every wife I've met has told me to cherish those hours when you're alone, you'll look back on it one day and miss that time. So, I've decided not to waste the silence. Instead, I'm learning to be still, quiet, and intimate in those hours of prayer and mediation. I'm hoping that it will be instrumental in my life. 

"The fruit of solitude is increased sensitivity and compassion for others. There comes a new freedom to be with people. There is a new attentiveness to their needs, new responsiveness to their hurts." - Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

"To be calm and quiet all by yourself is hardly the same as sleeping, but means being fully awake and following with close attention every move going on inside you. Silence requires the discipline to recognize the urge to get up and go again as a temptation to look elsewhere for what is close at hand. It offers the freedom to stroll in your own inner yard, and to rake the leaves there and clear the paths so you can easily find the way to your heart. Perhaps there will be much fear and uncertainty when you first come upon this 'unfamiliar terrain,' but slowly you will discover an order and a familiarity which deepens your longing to stay home." - With Open Hands by Henri J.M. Nouwen

Recently I have noticed in solitude - even in the midst of chaos - that so much of life is lived in the in between stages. Jim Branch, a Young Life Area Director who wrote a wonderful Devotional book referred to as The Blue Book writes, "so much of this life is lived in between; between the now and the not yet, between arriving and departing, between birth and death and rebirth, between growing up and growing old, between questions and answers. Help us not to live only for some distant day when the in between will be no more, but help us to step into the mystery of that sacred space here and now - knowing that it will be a place of genuine change and true transformation." 

And in case you are still hungry for quotes as I often am: 

"Paul Tournier, in A Place for You, describes the experience of being in between - between the time we leave home and arrive at our destination; between the time we leave adolescence and arrive at adulthood; between the time we leave doubt and arrive at faith. It is like the time when a trapeze artist lets go of the bars and hangs in midair, ready to catch another support: it is a time of danger, of expectation, of uncertainty, of excitement, of extraordinary aliveness."  - A Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene H. Peterson

Hope these words can reel you back in and anchor you in spending time in solitude today. This is my challenge to you today. Spend some time in the quiet, infinite space. It's what you and I both need!

Love, Mollie

      Here are some little pieces of our new home :)

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  1. Love you, Mollie Mohr-almost-Turbeville. I'm so glad to see you are holding out both your hands and accepting those still times as a gift from Him!

    p.s lovely hydrangeas!